From Then On


People contact me thinking I have a magical cure for cancer, but it helps that I know exactly how they feel. I try to offer encouragement, as I know they are so frightened just as I was when I was having treatment. It is a small price to pay.

Every January I return to The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton for a check-up. I don't sleep for at least the week before, because I am still so terrified. I can smell the chemotherapy as soon as I turn off the M25, and I am still six miles away from the hospital.

Sadly Aldaniti died peacefully in March 1997, at the grand age of 27. Aldaniti showed much strength and character in his career. He made numerous public appearances after the Grand National. He was an absolute gentleman, who loved racing and his work for the Cancer Trust, and relished the crowds who came to see him.